Tsukasa Sano

March 27, the latest image DVD of Tsukasa’s idol, Sano “in love with your eyes” (STORY) is released.

Mistakes and Young Champion 2014 students, “door of the week pre” Tsukasa’s Sano in appearance. In this film that becomes her latest image, armed with soft D cup bust a sense of transparency, and beautiful features are also challenging the contrary of bold pose.It is one installment of attention.

It should be noted that event, than at April 4 (Sat) 15, carried out at Sofmap mobile Hall 4F.


Tsukasa Sano (difference of Tsukasa)

Date of Birth: The November 30 1992 
Size: T163 B86 W61 H85 
Blood type: AB type 
Hometown: Chiba Prefecture 
Hobbies: singing

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